When a Business Should Hire a Private Investigator

Many businesses find themselves in an unfortunate position. They find that certain valuable property is missing, that the books have actually not been kept accurately or that monies have actually been taken. Other companies are learning from these mistakes and are electing to carry out a fraud investigation on their own.

A fraud investigation may be performed in order to determine:

  • Whether there has been a sale of assets that were either misrepresented or fictitious
  • Whether any inappropriate payments or kickbacks, prohibited political donations, or payoffs have been made from within the company
  • Whether there has been some sort of deliberate misrepresentation of assets, liabilities, transactions or income
  • Whether there have been intentional price modifications created to benefit the business financially
  • Whether items have been intentionally left off the books
  • Whether tax fraud has occurred

In many cases, a fraud examination is carried out by an auditor from within the company who oversees the financial departments. In other cases, it might be performed by an external analyst, or a forensic auditor who reviews the books.

In other cases, a fraud investigation might be handled by a private investigator. A private investigator may be brought into the business to perform a fraud investigation to figure out which asset was transferred improperly or to establish which employee may have defrauded the company.

This can be done through deeper background checks to determine whether there are employees who had access to the missing assets, and who has a criminal record. A private investigator can likewise carry out investigations into various staff members’ credit histories, liens, judgments, bankruptcies and even locate and review federal and civil records to determine whether cause for concern exists.

Typically, a private investigator is hired to carry out a fraud investigation after the fraud or theft has been discovered. We will be retained by the business to carry out full background searches on all employees who may have been involved in misrepresenting assets, making inappropriate payments, leaving items off the books and even embezzling.

In addition to a fraud investigation, a private investigator is likely to work with the business’ executives to figure out a plan for preventing fraud in the future. This may involve a professional review of the policies and procedures that are currently in place. It may include

implementing surveillance through electronic cameras or by tracking programs installed on workplace computers.

By creating a fraud and/or scam prevention strategy and by carrying out a fraud examination, a private investigator can assist to put your company back on the right track.

Maybe your company has not always taken the time to carry out thorough background investigations of applicants prior to employment. Maybe you are hoping that your company still has the chance to avoid fraud and theft all together or unfortunately, fraud has already occurred at your company. No matter your current situation, a fraud investigation conducted by a professional private investigator, like the professionals at Thornton Investigative Services could safeguard your company against any future fraud, or perhaps uncover a specific scam or fraud that you may not be aware is occurring at your business.

Many businesses in your industry are learning from the mistakes of others and are electing to be proactive and performing a fraud investigation of their own company for any significant loss, scam, or theft.