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What exactly is a background check? It simply refers to an investigation of a person’s history. There are many reasons why someone would hire a private investigator to perform a background check, all primarily falling within these categories:

Employment Background Investigation: Most pre-employment background checks pertain to determining if there is a history of criminal activity, seeking information on education levels and confirming the legitimacy of references. In addition to criminal background checks, education verifications and reference checks, the most common types of employment background investigations are credit checks and motor vehicle license verification.

Expert Private Investigations: To truly unravel personal and well-hidden secrets, a professional private investigator is required. Private investigators have many tools within their arsenal, everything from interviewing friends and family of the individual in question, to putting together a personality profile based on the person’s online presence. For example, when trying to determine if someone defrauded an insurance company by filing for disability due to an injury, a Private Investigator could monitor the person’s Facebook, or other social media accounts, for questionable content.