Asset Locations

Asset Location 1 - Asset Locations

Thornton Investigative Services provides our corporate and individual clients with asset location for a variety of purposes: when a client must know if a possible service partner, merger or acquisition target, customer or provider is financially sound, when there is a suspicion of fraud inside a client’s company, or when a client needs to collect on a judgment or recuperate stolen possessions.

A lot of clients soon understand in the civil justice system, securing a judgment against a defendant, whether it be a specific person or a company, is just half the battle. The second half is trying to find enough assets to please the judgment. The art of finding assets is something we at Thornton Investigative Services have invested over thirty years cultivating and perfecting. With our years of investigative experience, we have the capability to discover accounts, property, cars, or other assets of value worldwide.

Assets usually include more than currency. Asset research may include both real and personal property such as:

  • Real estate holdings
  • Vehicles and watercraft
  • Financial holdings

Asset location frequently starts with certain searches on databases, but for the truly in-depth work, there is no database. There are networks nationwide and around the world “sources” that we have developed that include connections with professional investigators with whom we have worked with for years. If you are utilizing private investigators who are relying exclusively on databases, you might be missing out on discovering exactly what you need to recover your client’s judgments.

Our asset examinations can provide any or all the following:

  • Possession Location
  • Asset Tracing
  • Asset Recovery
  • General Financial Investigation
  • Bankruptcy Fraud Investigations
  • Money Laundering Investigations
  • Embezzlement Investigations