Company Background

We have the knowledge and expertise to carry out the myriad of investigative needs of the client, whether an insurance company, third-party administrator, corpora­tion, municipality or public agency. We recognize our clients’ specific needs when it comes to obtaining the best quality results. We will provide you with daily up­dates via email or telephonic communications. We are cognizant of our clients’ budgets and time restraints, and we understand the City Attorney’s requirements as they pertain to possible prosecution.

We have conducted numerous investigations on behalf of employers regarding workers’ compensation claims, civil liability, workplace misconduct, harass­ment, theft, and integrity issues, to name a few. We have maintained a reputation for excellence and have obtained numerous “take nothing” verdicts in both the workers’ compensation and civil arenas.

We are happy to provide you with letters of recommen­dation pertaining to “take nothing” cases from Risk Managers. City Attorneys. Claims Adjusters. and/or Law Firms upon request.

About Paul F. Thornton

aboutimg 480x336 - AboutPaul F. Thornton Principal of Thornton Investigative Services (TIS). is a licensed Private Investigator with over 35 years of experience. Throughout his tenure. Mr. Thornton has trained well over 200 individuals to become investigators specializing in the areas of sur­veillance. recorded statements. report writing. and courtroom testimony.

Some of Mr. Thornton’s successful investigations have ranged from workers· compensation prosecutions. child abduction cases. stalking cases. undercover drug cases. the arrests of cappers. medical fraud cases. and child custody cases.

A notable case involved a mentally challenged Pasade­na man who was charged with murder in Texas after being coerced into confession. This case was highly po­liticized and garnered media attention. Mr. Thornton’s effective investigation proved that the defendant was in Costa Mesa. California within a three-hour time frame of when the murder was being committed. Consequent­ly. all charges were dropped.

Mr. Thornton obtained his IEA (Insurance Education As­sociation) Certificate in the early 1990’s. He has provid­ed Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) for attorney and his expertise is highly sought after on insurance fraud, specifically on “red-flag indicators.”

Mr. Thornton is committed to exceeding customer satisfaction and expectations. He is available upon request to discuss the nature of your cases and to review all pertinent documents. He and his full-service investigative staff serves Northern and Southern California.